Virginia Homeless Solutions Program


FUNDING:  Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

COVERAGE AREA:  Counties of Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottoway and Prince Edward.  This program is under the supervision of the Heartland Local Planning Group/COC comprised of community membership.

PURPOSE:  Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (VHSP) provides three lines of service:  

Prevention Services:  Clients must provide an unlawful detainer, be a renter and meet income/limited asset requirements.  With legal action pending and eviction being imminent, STEPS shall intervene on behalf of the clients to pay rental arrears or schedule a payment plan with the landlord.

Shelter Services:  Clients must be literally homeless (living in their car, living outside, etc. and have no ability to be housed on their own or by family/friends).  For homeless clients, STEPS can temporarily shelter individuals and families in local hotels (funds permitting) or transport clients to shelters in neighboring service areas.

Rapid Re-housing:  Occurs after clients have been sheltered by STEPS or any other charitable organization for at least one night; this is the only way clients can qualify for the rapid re-housing program.  Rapid re-housing allows for STEPS to pay costs associated with move-ins, such as electricity connection, security deposits, or first month’s rent/or more if it is warranted.

FUNDING PERIOD:  The VHSP funding year is July 1 – June 30 and funds must be spent in that fiscal year.


CONTACT:  Lavonia Jones, Housing Case Manager

225 Industrial Park Road, Farmville, VA  23901, 434-315-5909 Ext. 206

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